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What is Minimalism?

Minimalism is a complete style being used in all artistic fields. Today, minimalism is widely considered in architecture, industrial design and graphics have become a widely accepted style, and a wide range of productions of these fields is based on the minimalism approach.

Minimalism can be considered as an American style, or more precisely New York style, which took place at the same time as the post-World War II developments in the 1960s and early 1970s. Apart from New York, London is also considered one of the main centers of minimalism. Although this style mostly grew up in New York, its roots also can be found in the Russian art of construction Dustil, Bauhaus, and modernist abstract approaches in continental Europe.

The motto of this style is "Less is More!", by "Ludwig Miss Van der Rohe".

Other names for minimalism are “ABC” and "Lateralist Art". That minimalism has sometimes been mistakenly translated as "simplification" which refers to reducing and clearing; This translation is in contradiction with the motto of this style.

In this style by removing embellishments and turning to geometric and abstract forms, it achieves a kind of simpliness.

The use of strong compositions and the avoidance of crowding out as well as the use of Gestalt rules are very common in this style.

The use of modern materials and technologies and clean performance are also the characteristics of this style.

The influences of the Zen approach like Zen gardens as well as rock gardens in Japanese architecture are seen in Minimalism.

Due to the simplification of this type of artistic expression, it can be said that the audience has more freedom to perceive the work.